App development is something that we are really excited about here at HJ Software. Our team of developers create beautifully designed applications for Android, IOS and Cross-platform. Our apps allow you to integrate functional processes, for example, ticket booking and payment capabilities. 

Mobile App Development

When designing apps, we take into consideration the native experiences of each device, iconography, gestures and interactive points. Our app development team are experienced in Java, Objective-C and Flutter; the programming languages for Android devices, and Swift, the official programming language for creating iOS apps. Our team also have experience in handling a third-party integrations including APIs, XML and JSON.

Mobile App Development

Android Apps

We develop apps for Android devices including Samsung, Amazon, HTC, Sony and Google Pixel. App development for Android is written in a programming language called Java. Android apps are made widely available via the Google Play Store.

iOS Apps

When developing an app for iOS this covers all mobile, Apple devices from iPhones, iPads and Apple Watch or TV. Apps for iOS are developed in Apple’s own development language called Swift and the apps are made available through Apple’s ‘App Store’.